Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello, November :)

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, and since today begins a new month, I thought why not start writing now? This is mostly for me--  I don't really expect anyone to read this, and I don't care if they do or not.  I just like to write and I've always enjoyed looking back and reading old entries from my livejournal & myspace about things I did & feelings I had.  I'm very sentimental when it comes to memories of the past. :)

So here it is-- My first entry! :)

Sugar-free pumpkin crunch :)

Yesterday was Halloween.  (Obviously since today is the first of November & Halloween happens to be on the last day of October.) :) Anyway, I had a fun day! My Auntie Ali and I decided to throw a party because of our new sugar-free lifestyle (don't call it a diet!)  Her youngest, Hokule'a, is eight years old and we knew we had to come up with an alternative to trick-or-treating. (What fun would it be to go trick-or-treating for candy we can't eat!?) So we decided to make a whole bunch of sugar-free treats (along with a delicious dinner!) and throw a party for the fam.  I went to her house on Thursday so we could make the majority of the Halloween treats and of course we taste-tested them too!

The party was a big success.  We started the night off right by having a skype sesh with some of our family members (my sister Lily & cousins Natasha & Trey) back in Californa. We seriously have the BEST family in the world! :) Auntie & I made dinner (spaghetti with meat sauce, stuffed bell peppers & garlic bread-- yum!) & then we all dug in! If there's one thing our family is good at, it's eating. :)

The remainder of our night consisted of pigging out on all of the incredible desserts we made, taking silly pictures in our Halloween costumes, and going to the Haunted House on the other side of Hawaii Kai.  Every year the same family turns their home into an incredible Haunted House, complete with live characters & Michael Jackson's Thriller music video projected on their garage door!

We had planned on carving the pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch last weekend & watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," but we ran out of time due to all the other fun we were having!  Still it was an awesome night, and Hoku even told my auntie that it was her best Halloween ever. :) Success!

Miley & Minne Mouse :)
The only thing that would have made our Halloween night even better is the presence of my boyfriend who is currently serving our country in Iraq.  Minnie Mouse isn't complete without her Mickey! :(  Good thing I have such a great family to keep me happy when I'm missing my other half! :)

So Halloween is over & that's the end of October. Bring on November!   

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