Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love Pricebusters!

Yesterday I decided to go to Pricebusters to check out their Halloween sale. (Everything Halloween related was on sale for 50% off.) Although I didn't find any fantastic Halloween items, I did find a lot of other great things! They were also having a sale on every item with a price tag that ended with an 8. Everything that fell under that category was also 50% off. I found a ton of great things and only spent $5.65! I went into the store with $27 cash, and didn't even end up spending a quarter of that! :)

This is what I ended up with:

One calendar, four American flag window clings (they were 9 cents each!), two sheets of wedding magnets, some black leather string, a pack of four sheets of self-adhesive cardboard cut-outs, and some candy to send to send to Johnny. (I'm going to send him a package of movie candies, popcorn, and a "ticket" to Harry Potter since we always see those movies together, and he can't be here when the new one comes out.) Out of everything I bought, the candy was the most expensive!

I love finding great deals! & I especially love Pricebusters because I can always find them there! I went to Walmart yesterday too and bought a new shower curtain for my bathroom... but I'm going to go back and return it today because I remembered seeing a cheaper one at Pricebusters. The Pricebusters' one also came with cute palm tree shower hooks, a toothbrush holder, a matching cup, and a soap dispenser. Of course I didn't think about it until after I made the purchase at Walmart and was on my way home, but whatever.  I already went back to Pricebusters to purchase the other shower curtain set (it was $5 cheaper!) and I'm going to return the Walmart one after my meeting at work today. :)

Anyway, this is the lamest post ever. Haha! But what can I say, I love a great deal! I wish there was a dollar store on this island! I love the 99cent store in Simi Valley, CA.  Speaking of, I still need to print pictures from Disneyland for that super cute Disney Princess photo album I bought there this summer...

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