Friday, November 5, 2010

Skype is the greatest thing ever invented.

Seriously, I want to kiss the people who invented Skype. I even looked them up: Niklas Zennström & Janus Friis-- here's a kiss from me...MUAH! & Thank you. :) I love being able to see family & friends that are half way across the world.  

I get to blow kisses to my boyfriend in Iraq
& see his pretty face.

I get to share details about my life with my sister (and her finance) & see her newest paintings.

I get to cry with my friends in Michigan because we miss each other so much & we're just so happy to see each other.

I get to congratulate my cousin face-to-face after she tells me about the details of her engagement.

& I get to laugh with my family in California as we talk about how great our family is.

 I love this! Seriously, Skype-- I'm addicted to you. :)

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